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The Polish edition of Rip It Up and Start Again, to be published February 2015

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Break out your Harraps French-English dictionaries - Rip It Up included in Les 12 meilleurs livres jamais publiés sur la musique i.e. Top Dozen Music Tomes of All Time

"Parce qu'il fut élevé à l'école visionnaire et futuriste du post-punk, Simon Reynolds (voir ici notre entretien) fait parti de ces critiques musicales qui ont toujours devancé les tendances. Collaborateur de longue date au Melody Maker ou chez Wire, pionnier des journalistes électro, l’anglais est toujours à la pointe, et ce depuis le début. Au commencement des années 90, il s'investit totalement en tant que rédacteur freelance dans la scène house, techno et jungle. Une passion jamais démentie qui prend sa source dans les expérimentations post-punk et disco-punk justement, des années 1978-1984 qui, de Cabaret Voltaire à Throbbing Gristle en passant par Suicide, Gang of Four, Telex ou la synth-pop, préfiguraient largement ce qu'allait devenir la musique électronique telle que nous la connaissons aujourd'hui. La parution chez Allia en 2007 de son livre Rip it Up and Start Again fut un véritable événement, ainsi qu’un retour aux sources de ce qui fait de Reynolds un journaliste unique. En explorant la production foisonnante de ces années post-punk sous l’angle de la musique mais aussi de la politique et de la philosophie, Reynolds initie un journalisme musical à tendance sociologique et lui donne une nouvelle dimension. Incontournable."

Merci beaucoup, copains! 

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listings #1

London massive may wish to attend the launch event for Tim Lawrence's excellent study of Arthur Russell, Hold On To Your Dreams, at the ICA on February 20th.

Tickets can be purchased via the ICA website; updates, news and further information re. the launch and the book can be found at Tim's book blog.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The next instalment of Henry Rollins's radio show is inspired by Rip It Up and Start Again! I knew he was a fan of postpunk (remember his far-ahead-of-the-curve reissuing of records by James Chance, Gang of Four, Devo, Flipper, Alan Vega, etc in the mid-90s via his label Infinite Zero?)but not to this extent: looking at the track list for the show, Rollins really knows the era inside and out. The show airs Saturday 25th April--tomorrow night--at 6-8 pm PST on the Santa Monica NPR station KCRW FM. As far as I can tell it can be listened to via the web live. It will also be archived online for several weeks thereafter.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The footnotes to Rip It Up and Start Again now have a new permanent home at the Rip It Up Footnotes blog (further details below)

This blog is now dedicated to news about Rip It Up - information about foreign translations, Rip-related events, and so forth.


Prologue: The Unfinished Revolution

Chapter 1: Public Image Belongs To Me. Sex Pistols, PiL

Chapter 2: Outside of Everything. Buzzcocks, Magazine, Subway Sect.

Chapter 3: Uncontrollable Urge. Cleveland / Akron: Pere Ubu, Devo.

Chapter 4: Contort Yourself. No Wave New York: Lydia Lunch, James Chance and Contortions, DNA, Mars, Suicide, Lounge Lizards.

Chapter 5: Tribal Revival. The Pop Group, Slits, Alternative TV.

Chapter 6: Autonomy in the UK. Independent labels and DIY: New Hormones, Rough Trade, Mute, Factory, Fast Product, Swell Maps.

Chapter 7: Militant Entertainment. Leeds: Gang of Four, Mekons, Delta 5, Au Pairs.

Chapter 8: Art Attack. Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Wire.

Chapter 9: Living For the Future. Sheffield: Cabaret Voltaire, Human League.

Chapter 10: Just Step Sideways. Manchester: The Fall, Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column.

Chapter 11: Messthetics. London Vanguard: Scritti Politti, Flying Lizards, This Heat, Raincoats, Red Crayola, Young Marble Giants, John Peel.

Chapter 12: Industrial Devolution. Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, 23 Skidoo, Clock DVA.

Chapter 13: Freak Scene. San Francisco: Residents, Tuxedomoon, Factrix, Chrome, Flipper.

Chapter 14: Careering. Public Image Ltd.

Chapter 15: Ghost Dance. 2-Tone and Ska Revival: Specials, Madness, Beat, Dexy's Midnight Runners.

Chapter 16: Sex Gang Children. Malcolm McLaren, Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow.

Chapter 17: Electric Dreams. Synthpop: Human League, Ultravox, Gary Numan, Visage, Spandau Ballet, Japan, Soft Cell, DAF.

Chapter 18: Fun 'N' Frenzy. Scotland: Postcard, Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines, Associates.

Chapter 19: Play To Win. New Pop's Pioneers: Scritti Politti, ABC, Heaven 17.

Chapter 20: Mutant Disco and Punk Funk. Early Eighties New York and its fans: B-52s, Club 57, Mudd Club, ZE, 99 Records, ESG, Liquid Liquid, New Order.

Chapter 21: New Gold Dreams 81-82-83-84. New Pop's Peak and Fall: Altered Images, Simple Minds, Orange Juice, ABC, Human League, MTV, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Scritti Politti.

Chapter 22: Dark Things. Goth: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Birthday Party, Killing Joke, the Cure, Virgin Prunes, Bauhaus, Batcave, Sisters of Mercy, Southern Death Cult.

Chapter 23: Glory Boys. Liverpool, New Psychedelia and The Big Music: Echo and the Bunnymen, the Teardrop Explodes, Blue Orchids, U2.

Chapter 24: The Blasting Concept. Los Angeles, Hardcore and Progressive Punk: SST, Black Flag, Husker Du, Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Mission of Burma.

Chapter 25: Conform to Deform. Some Bizarre: Psychic TV, Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, Foetus, Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Dept, Swans, Depeche Mode.

Chapter 26: Raiding the 20th Century. ZTT, Malcolm McLaren, Art of Noise, Propaganda, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones.


Postpunk Timeline

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