Wednesday, February 03, 2010

listings #1

London massive may wish to attend the launch event for Tim Lawrence's excellent study of Arthur Russell, Hold On To Your Dreams, at the ICA on February 20th.

Tickets can be purchased via the ICA website; updates, news and further information re. the launch and the book can be found at Tim's book blog.

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Phil said...

Thankx a lot for "RIP IT UP..." Simon ! Really really wonderfull ! Such a great book, i'm learning so much and it's fun and sérious too..that's great ! I'm french, i picked your book here at he bibliotheque but it's so good to read that i just bought it on Amazon ..I'm impress by all the stuff you have collected and i really like your large wiew about that wonderfull period that I've lived myself in Paris underground with somme friends.. The english and world post-punk scene was well coming to us by the fanzines and press and shops like New Rose; and the concerts of course..At that time this stuff was the most important thing to our life....and it's not forgotten...:-) Have a nice day.