Friday, January 11, 2008

more details on this month's Rip It Up readings tour of Germany:

17. 1. : Marburg
Café Trauma
Affölterwiesen 3a, 35039 Marburg

18.1. : Stuttgart/Schorndorf
Hammerschlag 8, 73614 Schorndorf,
info: 07181 61166
20:30 Uhr

19.1. : Freiburg
Café Swamp
Talstraße 90, 79102 Freiburg
20 Uhr

20.1. : Frankfurt/M.
Waldschmidtstrae 4, 60316 Frankfurt,
21 Uhr

21.1. : Köln
Gebäude 9,
Deutz-Mühlheimer Str. 127-129, 51063 Köln
info: 0221 814637 (Halle), 0221 58919414 (Büro)

22.1. : Hamburg
Übel & Gefährlich
Feldstr. 66, 20359 Hamburg

23.1. : Berlin
Festsaal Kreuzberg
Skalitzer Str. 130, 10999 Berlin
20.30 Uhr


bulb said...

Nice location in Freiburg; I once lived just down the street from there on Oberreider strasse.

If you have time check out the Munster, the city gate which houses a McDonald's (Martinstor), the Schlossberg for the views, and if you like beer drink the local Feierling or Ganter. Augustiner is a nice bierhalle on Schwarzadlstrasse near where you're speaking.

baby_face said...

the "übel & gefährlich" is a bigger club in hamburg. It's inside an huge second world-war bunker. The area around is quite nice. just across the street is the Karo-quarter. There you can find a lot of pubs and bars. St. Pauli is a 10 minute walk away. I am looking very forward to see you in hamburg! Have a good trip ...

simon reynolds said...

thanks for the info Bulb and Baby Face, hope to meet you both after the events

and to get at least some taste of the cities, it is a bit of a lightning fast tour, sadly can't be away from home and my kids too long!

David Selden said...

Hi Simon,

nice to meet both yourself and Mark at Festaal last night. Great evening, 7 cities in 7 days! Skipping work today to write.

If you have a chance check out

and I also have a (sporadically updated) blog at


Cyberpagan said...

Why am I reading this now and not 2 weeks ago? :-(

Guido Segers said...

I just rounded up my thesis on postpunk and avant-garde. Thanks to Rip it up and start again mostly. To bad theres no dutch tour coming up, I'd sure be there.