Friday, January 12, 2007

FOOTNOTES #12 / CHAPTER 11 MESSTHETICS: The London Vanguard Scritti Politti. London Musicians Collective. Flying Lizards. This Heat. Raincoats. Red Crayola. Pere Ubu. Young Marble Giants. John Peel

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rkwithnell said...

I was the daft eejit who suggested Green's guitar playing sounded a bit like Martin Carthy. It was a guess; some people will believe anything. Don't you bloody dare call me an expert. I also knew Chris Scott in Oxford. I wrote the article in the Ugly Things mag about Fuck Off Records, with much help from Chris & Keith Dobson. I need a copy of 200 Cancellations so please let me know if you know anyone who's got it as I've no idea what planet Chris or Keith are on now. I used to read the ol' "Monitor" 'back in the day' & many's the chortle it gave me too.
You could fit all Ian "I've got a Jack Derrida book & I'm gonna use it" Penman & Bob "How can I get in on this latest groovy music trend" Stanley really know or care about musics on the back of a postage stamp. Professional journalists to a man, bless. By the way, I used to work at Rhodes House Library in Oxford & I remember you never said thanks when I gave you your books. But, like the Murphy's, I'm not bitter. Believe that and you'll believe a bozo like Strohmeyer-Gartside could ever sound like a genius like Martin Carthy.