Thursday, January 18, 2007

the French edition of Rip It Up and Start Again (cover above) is published on January 25th by Editions Allia

the Italian translation came out late last year on ISBN -- check out the index cover


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Reynolds
I am just back from a party in Pescara , Italy, where we presented "Post-punk", that you should know is the title of the italian version of the book. My name is Umberto Palazzo and I am a musician and a dj. I was the dj and the promoter of the night, in collaboration with the book shop "Primo Moroni". The book was introduced by "onorevole" Maurizio Acerbo, a "deputato" (a member of the italian parlamient). He's always been fond of punk and post punk and close to the musicians. The location was Vini&Oli, a bar in Pescara and the night was a success (at least 150 people gathered the room). I recorded my dj set with my pod and we are going to put it in the net someway. i whish to send the link to you, if it is possible. We had a good time and we would like to share it with you.
namastè :-)

Maxence Grugier said...

Hello Mr Reynolds,

First of all, many thanks for this one. Wish that translation of Rip it Up in France, this absolute masterpiece, will be a great success. Personally, I am a journalist and I would make my possible to speak about it all around. But, you forgot just one think in the book, the great French synth-wave between 1979 & 85. If you want more information about this, try

All the best, and thanks again...

Simon said...

thanks guys

umberto, i emailed you about this

maxence, thanks for the french synth link