Friday, January 12, 2007

FOOTNOTES # 13 / CHAPTER 12 INDUSTRIAL DEVOLUTION Throbbing Gristle. Whitehouse. Nurse with Wound. Clock DVA. 23 Skidoo

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As the 'anonymous' author of "Bang Out Of Order" (which began life as a pamphlet and was bootlegged online) I was flattered to find the citation here as I've enjoyed your writing for many years and the book was a good read - particularly enjoyed the astonishing McLaren-Vermorel-Chicken chapter.

I didn't particularly like being accused of 'unqualified enthusiasm' for Nazi fetishism, woman-hating etc. The postscript to what was a satirical short story continues in the tone of the main text and my authorial voice there is a fictional construct, but the OTT stuff about 'Europeans are worthless idiots' apparently didn't make that sufficiently clear.

I do think that the excesses of the 82-84 'power electronics' era (which involved a grand total of about thirty people worldwide)had more in common with the work of someone like Crass than with the genuinely right-wing Euro-folk fuckbulbs like Von Thronstahl et al who stink up the fringes of the underground scene these days. Which is to say that the work was a scream of disgust during the era of Thatcher at her most apocalyptic, not least towards the more dogmatic and authoritarian aspects of the left - those Weller-listening, NME-reading students who were always quite transparently hypocritical to me at least.

This chapter really could have done with more original research - the numerous ties between the industrial/PE scene and the more florid branches of anarchism could have been pointed out - however I guess you found the whole thing an instinctive turn-off and that's fair enough - it was a very ambitious book.

all best - Simon, the Ceramic Hobs